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Goodwin County Primary School (Birmingham)

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Goodwin County Primary School (Birmingham)
Jenkins Street, Small Heath, Birmingham.

Badge as depicted in Bunty #121 [7 May 1960]

B121 [7 May 1960] .jpg

Jenkins Street Board School opened in 1873 with accommodation for boys, girls and infants. It was altered and reorganised in 1931 into departments for senior boys and infants. The Infants Department closed in 1936. The building was largely demolished by enemy action and most of the records were destroyed. The school was housed temporarily at the Men's Institute, Jenkins Street until it closed in 1941. The practical block was repaired in 1949 and used by Oakley Road County Primary School. The remainder of the school was repaired and enlarged and the school reopened in 1953 for junior and infant children. The school changed its name to Goodwin County Primary School in 1955 when it was renamed after Francis Goodwin, a former pupil, teacher and headmaster. It closed in 1973 when it became an annexe of Dixon Road Primary School.

A look at the site on StreetView suggests the school hall building remains, whereas other parts have been demolished and replaced with housing.

Goodwin County Primary School (Birmingham) OS1905.jpg
1905 map showing Jenkins Street Board School which became Goodwin County Primary School in 1953.
(Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland)

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