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ETW Dennis were the first printing firm in the country to produce Postcards. ETW Dennis lived from 1847 to 1923.He owned the “Mercury” weekly newspaper and was a Quaker.

The “Dainty Series”, produced from 1902 –1910 were a montone image enhanced with sky blue.On the 18th March 1941 the Germans bombed the factory.Colour (chrome) postcards were printed from the 1960’s. The company went out of business in 2000. Cards with the Dennis logo can still beseen in parts of the country but these are actually produced by John Hinde (UK) Ltd who purchased many of the image rights in the Company’s final days and have yet to update images for some locations with their own views. This is some testimony to the quality of the Dennis image that it continues to be available some time after the demise of the company.

ETW Dennis produced cards for thousands of places in the UK and Ireland. Earlier numbering systems existed but from 1955 each place had a unique number/cataloging system.Usually the first letter(s) of the code are for the place eg A for Aberdovey, Aberdeen, Aldershot, Y for York and Yeovil and YM for Yorkshire Moors.After this there is a numeric code to identify the specific town so A.01 was Aberdovey, A.04 Aberdeen and YM.04 for Yorkshire Moors. Finally the last two numbers identify the card image for that location. For places where there were many cards produced, such as Scarborough, a number may have been reused for updated or changed images. An example of this system would be S.0207 Italian Gardens, Scarborough. The numeric code had to be extended to six digits to accommodate letters with more than 100 places and for places such as Scarborough to reflect the sheer number of different images available. Examples would be B113005L for Bishop Auckland, a late addition to the location rosta and S.002324L, one of the last images issued for Scarborough.

[credit: Scarborough and District Archaeological Society - ]

  • View from Valley Bridge Scarborough1904View from Valley Bridge Scarborough1904