John Kendrick's Photo Gallery

Michael Truslow 3rd left.jpg Clarinet Group 2 (1964 ?)ThumbnailsFairlop prob1962Clarinet Group 2 (1964 ?)ThumbnailsFairlop prob1962Clarinet Group 2 (1964 ?)ThumbnailsFairlop prob1962Clarinet Group 2 (1964 ?)ThumbnailsFairlop prob1962

BACK ROW: 3rd left Michael Truslow. 5th left Tony Lumley. Centre Robert(?)Dade.
5th right Len Dunster. 3rd right Reg(Ken)Dean. 2nd right Barry Tredgett far right Peter Hammond.
MIDDLE ROW: far left Mike Tonkinson.2nd left Eddie Boatman.3rd left Chester Dunlop.5th left Lawrence Wright
5th right Master Murray(?) 3rd right Frank Doran.2nd right John Carr. Far right Barry Hobart
FRONT ROW: far left Dave Burgess. Centre Mr Smith & Mr Mountford. 4th right Jeff Fuller
.3rd right Tony Meredith(I think).2nd right Leslie Pitts(?) far right Johnny Hebden

(Photo was obtained from the Friends Reunited website)

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