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Seamer Station to Whitby West Cliff & Whitby Town by HST (InterCity 125)

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Here's your chance to travel the full length of the Scarbororugh - Whitby railway line by HST (InterCity 125), obviosuly something that could never have happened!

We start our journey at Seamer Station on a pleasent spring evening. The front power car has already passed the protecting signal and is coveringthe level crossing - you'll see the queue of traffic waiting for the train to depart, which is exactly the scene I saw in 1983 while waitiong for what seemed like 20 minutes on a car at the same crossing.

The throtle opens and power outs of the station, heading towards Londesborough. For some reason, probably because the road was set wrong, the driver brakes hard at Londsborough, then sets off through the tunnel at Falsgrave which we can see going through, and then over (isn't technology great!)

We then progress at good speed through Gallows Close goods, past Northstead sidings and then onto Whitby West Cliff station. After changing ends, the driver heads down towards Whitby Town, stopping to view the viaduct en route! - finally arriving at Whitby Town some 33 minutes after we departed Seamer.

I hope you enjoyed this journey on the Scarborough - Whitby Railway line, which was made possible thanks to Microsoft Train Simulator and the Yorkshire Coast Route add-on pack . . . much more fun than model railways!

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