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Hannah Reed (nee Pipes) (b 1820) & Brother John Pipes (b1828) in Scarborough 1200h

Hannah Reed (nee Pipes) (b 1820) & Brother John Pipes (b1828)  in Scarborough_1200h.jpg ThumbnailsThumbnailsThumbnailsThumbnailsThumbnailsThumbnails

Described as:
Grandmother Reed & Brother Mr Pipes (Billy Pipe's Father & Mother) at Scarborough.
Description doesn't make complete sense as son would have siblings for parents.
Hannah Pipes had been married to William Vasey (1820-1877) then
married Edward Reed (1824-1892) in 1879 following Wm. Vasey's death.
The male in the photograph has to be be John Pipes (1828-1881) as Hannah's other brothers had already passed away before the second marriage.
Photo 1879-1881, therefore Hannah Reed would be aged 60 and John Pipes would be aged 52.
Relevance note: William Vasey was the Grandfather of William Vasey Simpson. Edward Reed cared for William Vasey Simpson while family was in India.